HK Complex Leak Test is a Micro Controller Independent solution which includes a multifunctional test for small leakages, strangled and banded tubes.


  • Stand-Alone solution with Microcontroller
  • System self-test Before each cycle
  • Holder blocking during test
  • Flow rate test (can be deactivated if it´s not needed)
  • Time depending leak test
  • Test with overpressure or vacuum
  • Testing of ´I` or ´Y` Tube
  • Balancing pressure / vacuum after test
  • Immediately abortion after bad result inside the testing time
  • Displaying test status and errors
  • Possibility to test `check valves´ inside the tube


  • Power supply 24Vdc/500mA
  • Supply air compressed 6bar
  • Max. filling time 15s (programmable)
  • Testing time 1-30s (settable)
  • Flow rate test up to 100l/min
  • Testing pressure -800mbar – 5bar

Application Areas

  • Tubes
  • Grommets
  • Quality sensitive connectors