EV4 is prepared to identify fuse boxes by direct reference or KSK wiring, also supports different illumination systems to carry out analyses of the image with different physical parameters.

Register of the tests done with its parameters, permitting to check the acquired images again. 

The system can be integrated in automatic lines,permitting test without personal intervention. EV4 has an accessory to check the height of the components, obtaining very high precision in a very short time of test.

Main Features

  • Powerful identification methods of characters 
    OCR, shapes, color classifications, deformations and dimensions.
  • Supports different illumination systems to carry out analyses with different physical parameters.
  • The system can be integrated in automatic lines, permitting test without personal intervention.
  • The system fully integrates into the EV4 viewer environment.
  • The system measure the height of components with an accuracy of less than 0.01 mm.
  • Very high speed test, approximately 2 seconds for a medium size box.