Component Height Test

CHT is a system for verifying the correct insertion of the components of a fuse box, measuring the height of the elements with laser system.


CHT comes with two applications: one for editing and the other for carrying out the test. The editing and test environments are completely graphic.

The system fully integrates into the EV4 viewer environment; a second CHT test can be requested if during the viewing test any of the components have been manipulated.

Register of the height of each component in correct and incorrect test, integrated with the register of data of the viewing test.

Simple programming and very fast calibration of the system.

Integrates fully into the HETOS system.


The CHT hardware is based on a 3D modeling system through a laser reading.

With the 3D model of the fusebox, the system test the different components by height and relief, measuring its height with an accuracy of less than 0.05 mm.

Small and compact, it can be mounted on a harness test board or on a structure together with an EV4 Vision system. Can be adapted for any size of fusebox.

The Component Height Test can work together with the EV4 Vision. It is a way to validate the good insertion of the elements tested by EV4 vision.

The system is robust against small deformations of the fuse box.

Very high speed test, approximately 2 seconds for a medium size box.