The Kufferath Group

strong tradition and a long history!

Since the beginning of Kufferath the core business is the prodcuction of testing equipment, test tables and adapters for automotive wiring harness manufacturers.

Looking back in the past, AEG Telefunken Kabelsatz GmbH, AEG Kabel and Vereinigte Draht & Kabelwerke are just a few of the names that are associated with the establishment of the Kufferath Group. Numerous corporate mergers and divestments, which include owners such as Daimler and TEMIC, led the toolmaking and fixture construction company to the owner Delphi Packard, which ultimately spun-off this division in 1995.

In 1995 the path was cleared for the former factory manager Horst Kufferath, after whom the company is named, and his eight other employees to establish a new company. H. Kufferath GmbH Prüf- und Vorrichtungstechnik was founded and still represents the centrepiece of the Kufferath Group. The first computer-assisted CNC milling machine was also commissioned in 1995. The bold and flexible team found a second CEO in Mr. Uwe Schmitz in 1999.

Until 2004 the H. Kufferath GmbH headquarters were located on Daimler's Sommerfeld premises in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The current headquarters in Moers Genend in the Lower Rhine region was constructed in parallel until the company's relocation. A short time later an adjoining production area was constructed as an extension.

Additional production areas and offices were initially added in Nitra (Slovakia) and the Kufferath Group now has subsidiaries in many countries around the world.

Horst Kufferath entered his well-earned retirement in 2012 and vacated his position as CEO.

Another milestone is the appointment of Mr. Michael Gröh, Dipl. Ing., as a managing partner in 2014.

Since 2014 the company has been represented by a combination of the "Kufferath Group" brand and logo. End of 2014 Mr. Schmitz left the company on his own request.